Child Safety at Christ Church Hawthorn

Christ Church Hawthorn adheres the the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne's Duty of Care policies and guidelines for ensuring that we provide a safe environment for all children who participate in our programs. 

One aspect of ensuring that we provide a safe environment for children is that we follow best practice procedures for screening all of our employed and volunteer leaders and helpers who are involved with any of our children's and youth programs. The screening process involves four steps: 

  1. A National Police Check.
  2. A Working with Children Check.*
  3. Application to serve at Christ Church. 
  4. Application to provide transport.

The first three steps are mandatory for all leaders and helpers serving in our children's and youth programs. All four steps are mandatory for anyone who intends to provide transport for any children or youth as part of our programs (excluding the transport of one's own children).* 

Christ Church maintains an up to date and secure register of our leaders and volunteers to ensure that their National Police Certificates and Working with Children Checks are current at all times. Basic details recorded in the register will also be noted in Christ Church's Parish Council minutes. 

Information on how to complete each of these four steps is included below.


Information for Volunteers and Workers at Christ Church

(1) National Police Check

  1. Download the Anglican Diocese's National Police Check form [editable PDF format]. 
  2. Complete the form according to the diocese's recommended procedure [PDF document].  
  3. Print the application form and bring it [along with your original proof of identity documents] to one of the ministry staff who will then certify copies of your identity documents, witness your signature (section F), complete Section D and Section G, and forward the application to the diocese for processing. Christ Church will pay the processing fee.
  4. Once your National Police Certificate has been sent to your address, please bring it into Christ Church so that we can sight it and record its details on our register.


  • Police Checks must be renewed every three years.
  • Leaders and Helpers under the age of 17 are exempt from needing a Police Check.
  • If Christ Church pays for the processing fee as per the above instructions, the results of the police check will be automatically released to Christ Church. However, if you do not wish the results of the Police Check to be automatically released to Christ Church then you will need to check 'no' in section D, and forward the form and discounted payment ($16.40 as at July 2014) directly to the diocese. Alternatively you may wish to complete, process & pay for the Standard National Police Check form yourself at a cost of $43.70 (as at July 2014)



(2) Working with Children Check

Information about the Working with Children Check is available from the Victorian Department of Justice at

  1. Complete the online application for a Working with Children Check here.
  2. Applications are free for anyone who works with children only in a voluntary capacity.
  3. On the application form please record "Christ Church Hawthorn, 2 Denham Street, Hawthorn Vic 3122" as your "primary employer". 
  4. Print off the application, and take it to a Post Office with your proof of identity documents.
  5. Once your Working with Children Check card has been issued to you, please bring it into Christ Church so that we can sight it, take a copy of it, and record its details on our register. 


  • * Sworn police officers, teachers with current VIT registration, and anyone under the age of 18 are exempt from the Working with Children Check.
  • If you already have a current Working with Children Check, then you must simply add Christ Church's details to your Working with Children registration, and bring it in to Christ Church so that we can sight it, take a copy of it, and record its details on our register. You can add Christ Church to your registration online at the Working with Children website here.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your details remain up to date for your Working with Children Check. This can be done online at the Working with Children website
  • Working with Children Checks must be renewed every five years, and must also be re-recorded on Christ Church's register.



(3) Application to Serve at Christ Church

  1. Anyone 18 years and over who wishes to serve within our Children's and Youth programs must complete a Leader Application Form (Form A) and forward it to the Ministry Leader responsible for the relevant program.  
  2. Anyone under 18 years of age who wishes to serve within our Children's programs must complete an U18 Leader Application Form (Form B) and forward it to the to the Ministry Leader responsible for the relevant program.  


  • Parents who help lead or supervise at a program that their children are a part of do not need to complete a leader application form unless they help out more than four times a year. 
  • Parents participating in Mainly Music and Playgroups are exempt from this process. 



(4) Application to Provide Transport

  1. Anyone who intends to provide transport for any children or youth as part of our programs (excluding their own children) must complete a Volunteer Driver Application Form (Form G) and forward it to the Christ Church staff member responsible for the relevant program.  
  2. Volunteer drivers must also
    • have a current Police Check,
    • have a current Working with Children Check
    • have been through the Leader Application process, and 
    • must comply with the transport guidelines on pages 31 & 32 of the Duty of Care Handbook.  


  • All drivers must be fully licensed (no probationary drivers).
  • All vehicles used for transport must be registered and have comprehensive insurance.
  • All vehicles must be in roadworthy condition.
  • All vehicles must use correct child restraints appropriate to the children being transported.