We are a community of believers in Christ

  1. We love and care for one another, growing to maturity in Christ.

  2. We share Jesus and the message of salvation with others.

  3. We aspire to do all this, as broken people depending on the grace of God.

Our Beliefs

We worship the One God: Father, Son and Spirit

  • God the Father, God the source of all being and life, who made us and knows us through and through; and so we seek to live humbly.

  • God the Son, God made human, who died and rose again for our salvation and eternal life; and so we direct ourselves and others to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and long for his return.

  • God the Holy Spirit, God given to live in us, bear much fruit and build up the church through the gifts of the Spirit; and so we pray for and welcome the Spirit’s work in our lives.

Under God, we are people of faith, hope and love

  • We live by faith in Christ, saved by His grace;

  • Our hope is in the resurrection, beyond this earthly life;

  • We love because God first loved us.


Our Values

Because we worship this God, we value: 

  • The Bible as God’s revealed written word, our reliable authority in knowing God and living with Him in this world;

  • Prayer, in which we express ourselves to God, praising Him and depending upon Him for everything;

  • Christ’s body, the church, for in Christ we are adopted as God’s children and united into one family;

  • Evangelism, outreach, mission. We want to make Christ known locally and globally.

In our life together in Christ we value:

  • Meeting regularly – including on Sundays and in small groups;

  • Welcoming and hospitality – warm and genuine – in our gathering and in our homes;

  • Unity and diversity – loving and involving a mixture of ages and backgrounds;

  • Serving one another;

  • Serving the wider community;

  • Engagement and participation – every person’s gifts being used to build up the body of Christ;

  • Transparent and godly communication – in governance, in relating to each other and the wider community;

  • Loving relationships – every human is made in the image of God; Jesus died for all; Jesus commanded: “love one another as I have loved you”;

  • Creativity – because God is the Creator;

  • Generous giving – as our God is a generous giver;

  • Stewardship – being good stewards of God’s resources;

  • Table fellowship – including Holy Communion and intentional missional relationship-building over food.

Our Prayer

Lord Jesus, please add to our number daily those whom you are saving.

Our Strategies

How does this change happen?

People are drawn IN to our community to form significant spiritual friendships, they meet UP with God, and they go OUT into the world to make a difference for Jesus.

Where does this happen?

This process of change happens in our large, Sunday gatherings, in our Community Groups and as we take responsibility for spiritual disciplines in our own lives.

What is the result of this?

As God changes us we LOVE Jesus more, we are empowered to LIVE like Jesus more, and we LEAD other people to Jesus.